5 Tips To Get Your Home Sold FAST For The Most Money Possible!







5 Tips To Get Your Home

Sold FAST For The Most

Money Possible!

Provided by Debbie Warford Home Solutions Realty

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5-tips to get your home sold fastDo you need to sell your home fast? Are you doing everything you can to expedite the process?

In this report I’ll show you a rock solid house marketing technique, how to get buyers fighting over your home, how to avoid two big mistakes that most sellers make, a simple Facebook secret to get your home in front of thousands of people, and how you can capture leads on your house 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

One of the most highly overlooked home marketing methods is VIDEO.


91% of buyers are doing their shopping online, and most sellers are aware of this statistic, so they will put the effort into listing their house online; however, most of the online listings only have pictures.

Are you ready to make your house stand out?  It’s time to shoot some video. And I’m not talking about a picture slideshow like everyone else does. You know, they just take the pictures and make a cute little slideshow with transitions and stuff.

I’m talking about creating a “virtual walkthrough” video. Here’s how I create a virtual walkthrough video. I’ll first walk around the exterior of your home and film all of the highlights. Next, walk through the front door and into the rest of the rooms of the house. And do I need to state the obvious? If your house has any blemishes or areas that you’re not particularly proud of, I’ll leave these out of the video.

I’ll then get some royalty free music from somewhere like Audio Jungle (www.audio.net) and mix it together for a nice presentable video of your home.

5-tips to get your home sold fast

The goal of the video is so that the buyer can see what your house looks like hopefully make them want to see it in person.

I listed a house for a guy named Dave and Dave’s house is a prime example of why this works.

I heard a story of a house that had been for sale for about 8 months, and the seller REALLY needed to get out fast. His Realtor suggested that he make a virtual walkthrough video and he did.

It turns out that a little old couple from south Florida saw the video and they said, “Well when we saw that video of the house, we just loved it and had to come take a look”.

They ended up coming to look at the house and making an offer a few days later. The house sold thanks to the Realtor putting forth a little extra effort and making a video.

So, how can we get those buyers fighting over your home?


Glad you asked. I have shared this story before, but I’m going to share it again because it is by far the best example I know of to explain this method.

My friend wanted me to list his house for him about a year ago, but there was one problem. For the area that we are in, he was asking about $25,000 more than what other houses in the area were selling for.

Now granted, he had a NICE house for the city we lived in, but like I said before, it’s a buyer’s market. I convinced him to trust me and work with me on doing a pricing tactic that I’ve used countless times.

This tactic always works (unless the house is just plain awful), and I love doing it. The plan was to lower the price so that it would match the other houses in our area but still get what Daniel was originally asking for.

How did we do this? Once we lowered the price, people were all over it. We were booking more showings than I could count, more phone calls, more everything! The low price on this very nice house was getting a lot of attention, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Pretty soon we had 2 very solid potential buyers who were very interested in the house. Each of them had made Daniel an offer pretty close to the price he had listed. He went to the lowest offer and told them that he had a higher offer from another person and that he needed an offer higher than that to consider.

He did this a few times until he started a huge bidding war between these two buyers. They kept raising their prices higher and higher until finally they were $5,000 over the price that we had originally listed the house for! Needless to say, we took the offer and were very happy with our results.

Even if you think that you are at the rock bottom price for your home, consider lowering it about 10% more than what the other houses in your area are asking.

This will stir up a lot of attention and get more people interested in your home. More people looking at your house means more offers. Statistics say that it takes 8 people to view your house before you’ll get one offer!

And speaking of offers, let’s review how to avoid two BIG mistakes that almost all sellers make.


Nothing makes you sound more desperate than continually decreasing the price of your house. Eventually buyers are going to wonder why the price keeps being cut. They’ll also assume that a lot of people must have seen it and then rejected it.

Consider taking your house “offline” for a week and then putting it back up as a new listing. New and fresh beginnings are always a plus to buyers. And maybe this time you should list it at 10% below the market value like I proposed using the method above.

You can make it seem as if a brand new house just came on the market, and this is sure to attract attention.

And the second mistake is even bigger. A lot of sellers put their house on the market and get a great offer. This offer may be slightly less than what they were originally asking, but they could still live with selling the house at the price of the offer.

However, they turn down the offer, and think that there’s more fish in the sea and they should just wait for that next big offer. The first offer gets them all excited and full of hope, yet turning down that offer could mean waiting another half a year to a year for another one to come.

Nothing is guaranteed, and if you get a decent offer that you can HONESTLY live with, take it. Don’t wait around for the next one. It may not come.

Here is a tactic that I’ve used countless times and it always get you at least 2,000 people viewing your home online.

At this point, most reports like this would tell you to post your house on your Facebook profile to up the chances of someone seeing it that would be interested in buying.

I am going to assume that you already know that and that you’ve done it. If you haven’t, go do it now.

What I’m going to reveal to you is a tactic that hardly anyone ever thinks about, but it does work wonders.

Almost every city or town has a Facebook “page” dedicated to their town or their area. I know mine does, and I know that the county next to mine does too. Usually pages like this are ran by the chamber of commerce or by people who are in charge of general PR for the town.

Find the page for your area on Facebook by doing a little search. They’re usually pretty easy to find. Get the contact info off of the page by going to the “about” link.

Send them an email and tell them that you have a house for sell and you would like it if they would post it on their page so that the community can see it. If you’ve got a virtual tour video, send them the YouTube link to that too.

 5-tips to get your home sold fast

There are a lot of good reasons for doing this but the main ones are that these Facebook pages usually have a following of at least 2,000 people in small towns and a lot larger for big cities.

Another reason this is great is because you know that everyone on the page is in your area. Even if they’re not personally looking to buy a house, they may know someone in or out of town who’s been looking for a place just like yours.

They may want you to pay a small fee, but generally they’re happy to do it for free.

And last but certainly not least, I’ve discovered a way for people to get information on your home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You should have an automated lead capture service. Let’s face it. I cannot physically be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I have an automated system (www.MobileRealEstateMarketer.com) that gives buyers all of the information they want on your house.

I will hang a sign rider to your existing for sale sign that says, “call or text this number for information”. When they call or text the number, the system sends out pictures and information straight to their phone.

After someone requests information, the system forwards me to the contact information so that I can follow up with them. Plus, a lot of today’s buyers want to find out the information on their own. They don’t want to have to go through an agent just to find out a little information.

Let me explain how this works. So a buyer drives by your house and sees a number that they can call or text to get some more information on your home. (Feel free to try these numbers for yourself. It’s pretty cool.)

5-tips to get your home sold fast

If they call the number, they’ll get an automated message that I’ve pre-recorded about your house. This can include the price and as many details that I want.

                  5-tips to get your home sold fast

And they can even text the number on the sign and it will automatically send them pictures and details about your home!

5-tips to get your home sold fast

I can program this software to say whatever I want it to say and it gives buyers the ability to get the information on their own without having to talk to a Realtor.

After someone requests information on your home by calling or texting the automated number, the information is sent to me and I can then follow up with them. It’s a great system and it generates a LOT of leads.

I want to briefly go over the points that I have made in this report so that I can re-enforce the importance of all of them.

Make a virtual walkthrough YouTube video. You don’t have to be a camera or computer genius to make this work. Just do your best. The goal is to get the buyer to see what your home looks like. Your goal is not to be Steven Spielberg.

Lower your price to 10% below the market value and get a couple of people to start a bidding war on your home. 9 times out of 10 they will bid their way straight up to the price that you were originally asking for.

Don’t pass up that first offer that you would honestly not mind taking. Don’t have the mindset of “more fish in the sea”. And quit reducing the price of your home. People will think there’s something wrong with it. Pick a price and stick with it.

Contact whoever runs your city’s (or town’s) Facebook page and get them to put up a post about your house for sale.

And last but not least, let’s use the Mobile Real Estate Marketing software to generate a lot more leads. The more leads we can get, the more options we’ll have and the more offers we’ll get.

Debbie Warford

Home Solutions Realty

P.S. I would love to get your home sold as FAST as possible and I’m only a phone call away. After reading this guide and seeing these options that I provide, and if you’re unsatisfied with the results you’ve been getting, you should call me. I do what it takes to make things happen. Looking forward to hearing from you!





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