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The Home Marketing Guide & Checklist

Provided by Debbie Warford

Home Solutions Realty


home marketing guideWas your house listed for a long period of time and never sell? Are you interested in trying again and doing it through some proven methods this time?

In this short report, I’ll cover some very important tasks that should be done by every good Realtor that lists your home. I will do all of the following methods and we can work together to get your home back on the market and sold as fast as possible.

You should have an automated lead capture service.

Let’s face it. I cannot physically be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There needs to be a way for your potential buyers to get information any time that they want.

My solution for this is an automated system called Facebook Real Estate Marketer.( This amazing software gives buyers all of the information they want on your house through FB Page for your home only and is marketed with demographic specific Facebook ads, so that only surrounding buyers looking for a home see the property.

Here’s how it works. I will hang a sign rider to your existing for sale sign that says, “go to“. Everyone who drives by your house will see it, and have instant access to facebook on their phones. They can fill out their name and email and phone to get more info or push the call now button to reach me. Wow!! This is awesome. Fast & Easy For the buyers to find info and pictures and video of your how. All of these FB Ads will be paid by Home Solutions Realty.

home sold every 5 days

Let’s also get a website exclusively for your home!

I offer a website that is dedicated to your listing and your listing only.

This is done to prevent the potential buyer from seeing any other listings or being distracted. I write a slam-dunk article about your house and why someone would love living there. I also include professional pictures.

This tool is great because it’s just a simple link that you and I can both give out to people in the area. They can go to this one page and learn everything about your house.

It is also optimized for viewing on a mobile phone as well as a computer browser.

5-tips to get your home sold fast

You are also going to need professional pictures because they are what sell a house!

When shopping for a home, 89% of buyers will be looking online. If your house is beautiful, but your pictures don’t show the same thing, you aren’t going to get results. People aren’t going to want to come and look at your house in person if they already have the idea that it doesn’t look good.

The solution to this problem is simple. I have professional pictures taken of every house that I list. Professional pictures make the subject look so much better. The professional photographers know what lighting looks good and how to get rid of the shadows and just how to make your house look it’s very best. After the professional pictures have been taken, I get my designers to enhance the photo in Photoshop so that it looks it’s absolute best.

When looking online, pictures are the number one things that buyers looking at. If the house is nice, but the pictures are bad, then you’ve just lost a potential buyer. Here, look at this example. This is a really bad picture of a really nice house.5 reasons your house won't sell

Although this house is probably one of the nicest in the area, the pictures are not professional and it makes it look really bad. This is a huge turn-off to buyers and they generally won’t pursue any further interest after seeing pictures like this.

I also take your professional pictures a step further. I even have them enhanced in Photoshop so you can really see all of the details. Look at the differences below in the house below.

5 reasons your house won't sell

Let’s get your house listed in the MLS system.

This is important because the MLS is the national “search engine” for all Realtors. If someone from your area or another area is looking to buy a home in your city, they will never find it unless it’s in the MLS.

Most agents just put a basic little paragraph about your home on this site. I will write a full, kick-butt sales copy that will convince anyone reading it that they need to at least come and check it out.

If you list with me, you will automatically get an enhanced listing on, Bing Ads, 7Search, Facebook Ads

Most Realtors only pay for a basic listing with every listing they get. I pay a lot of extra money to get the enhanced feature with all of my listings.

The enhanced feature is way better and gets your home seen by a lot more people. Also, with Enhanced or Showcase Listings, I can add the following to each of my listings:

I can upload virtual tours and/or videos on your listing with no additional charge.

I can add up to 25 photos on your listing. With the free service your listing only has 1 photo on it. Consumers like to look at more pictures and virtual tours!

I can add an additional description of the home. Without the enhanced listing option, just pulls some minimal information from your local MLS service.

I can add a headline about the property.

I can add scrolling text to catch the consumer’s eye. I have used this to advertise open houses, a unique feature about the property, advertise our foreclosure bus tours, or advertise our investor seminars coming up.

I can add open houses – I put each and every open house on and have been told by some open house attendees that they found us on

Here’s an example of a listing that does not have the enhanced feature:

home sold every 5 days

Here’s an example of a listing that does have the enhanced feature:

home sold every 5 days

Speaking of websites, I will also post your home to every real estate website possible.

These include Zillow, Trulia,, plus all of the real estate websites like RE/, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, etc.

The goal here is to get your house on virtually every site that a buyer would look for a home. The more websites your house is on, the more people who are going to see it.

Over the past few months, I have created a unique email list of buyers who have inquired about houses in the area.

I will email ALL of the people on this list and let them know about your house. I will include pictures, your website, and all the details about your listing.

I have sold a lot of homes like this and it could just be that your house is exactly what one of these people on my list are looking for.

I will also notify all of the agents in the area and let them know all of the details about your home. They will then present your house to any buyers they may have and this will generate a lot of leads.

More agents knowing about your house means more potential buyers knowing about it too.

Social media is at its peak right now and more people are buying from recommendations they see on Facebook than anywhere else.

I will post your house on my business Facebook page and my personal Facebook page. Facebook is the new way that people communicate, and I have a lot of connections through both of my pages.

When someone sees the professional pictures of your house and they’re able to read about it from the comfort of their own home, they a lot more apt to go check it out.

I’ll even post the link to your home’s website with the post.

I’ll also drop a postcard to everyone in your area (direct to every door) to let them know your home is on the market.

I include a link to your house’s unique website so they can go and look at it themselves.

This is an amazing way to get your listing well known in the community.

And last but not least, I take feedback and send it to you too so that we can take suggestions from others showing the home and do what it takes to get it sold.

If there’s anything we can tweak in our marketing strategies, getting the proper feedback will show us what that is. We can then take what we’ve been doing and improve it to get better and faster results.

Debbie Warford

Home Solutions Realty Serving Dallas TX Area


P.S. If your house didn’t sell the first time you had it listed, then let me help you get it back on the market, get it sold for the price you want, and do it fast! Give me a call or email me and let’s talk about these and more strategies that can REALLY help boost your the chances of getting your home to sell.

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Provided By Debbie Warford Associate Broker Home Solutions Realty

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